Saturday, June 27, 2009

Volunteers Overwhelm Contractor

"You had how many people today?" asked the voice on the other end of the phone. "21," I replied. "WHOA!" came the voice again. I admit 21 was more people than I expected and apparently it is the magic number to get a "whoa" out of seasoned contractor Pat Freilinger on the phone. He told me, "I've worked with volunteers on other flooded houses, but I haven't seen anything like what you guys are doing. This is great!"

Activity was fast and furious all morning. Three teams of drywallers filled the inside of the house with sounds of cutting, driving nails and screws into the fresh, new walls. The "Dynamic Duo" of Dave Bey and Dave DeWolf worked as fast as they could sealing of the insulation to stay ahead of drywallers John Shaw, John Hall, Kerry Kupka, Tom Olmstead, Kent Dvorak, and Scott Gerhold sweating in the intense heat inside the house.

Meanwhile, four teams of guys outside put up trim boards and beautiful gray siding, each piece cleanly covering a little more evidence of last year's destructive flood water. Marv Quaas, Nathan Burger, Matt Musil, Terry Shie, Mark Sheibe, Ken Van Zee, and Larry Johnson cut, placed, and pounded the siding, and all while trying to avoid the beating sun. Mary Van Houten brought by a delicious coffee cake, lemonaide, and water for our break. While Larry Muters, Carol Lakin, and I transported new appliances and furniture out to a storage unit. Pastor Dan calculated and purchased the materials needed for the yard work this week done by our friends from Missouri.

Our progress kept our on-site professional Joe Roling hopping. We finished up the drywall in the living room, one bedroom, and got a head start on the kitchen. We prepped the whole house for siding and siding over half of one wall. Freilinger said he lined up another volunteer crew from the coalition to drywall Monday. Then the pros will tape, mud, and sand our work. The hope is to finish up the siding and be painting inside on our next work day July 11th! Hope to see you then!

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